GC Rieber Salt believes in social responsibility and sustainable development. Our vision is to be the “most sustainable salt supplier in the Nordics”. With this vision we want to use our collective responsibility to address global sustainability challenges. GC Rieber Salt supports all 17 SDGs and has identified three prioritised goals in which we can make a significant difference, by either reducing our negative impacts or maximising on our positive contribution to achieving the UN’s SDGs. Our products also impact our customers’ ability to be part of a sustainable value chain.

Quality of Life

Salt is an essential mineral and a lack of salt can impact production in many essential sectors – fisheries agriculture, industry, transportation, oil and pharmaceutics. Salt and salt-related minerals are used, for example, for dust binding of dangerous particles in urban environments affected by airborne dust, thereby contributing to better air quality in our cities. Salt products are used to soften water, which provides increased water quality. They are also used to ensure passable and safe roads in the winter.

Responsible Consumption and Production

The extraction and processing of raw materials is generally a very energy-intensive process. Our sea salt is produced using natural processes such as sun and wind. We aim to transport our products in an environmentally effective manner, by storing large volumes in our warehouses. GCRS aims to sell more circular minerals, which are extracted from, for example, fly ash and other side streams from industrial processes. In doing so, we help to make fly ash from the incineration of household waste safer, instead of it ending up in landfills. GCRS works actively on market communication, as well as providing training to users of our products to ensure the salt is used correctly across applications.

Climate Action

The transportation and extraction of minerals requires energy and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is to reduce our negative impact by increasing the amount of salt and salt-related minerals we transport per shipment. GCRS is actively seeking partners who share the same vision of sustainable deliveries of socially critical minerals, which are both innovative and environmentally friendly for us and our customers. We also seek to provide transparency on emissions in the value chain by providing an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for all our products. We will actively use this information to select partners who make a positive contribution to the environment in their respective segment.