We have been delivering high quality chlorides to provide friction and dust-binding for roads and pavements in Scandinavia since the 1950s. This has given us a unique understanding of our customers’ needs. With a superior logistics network of terminals and manufacturers, we will do our utmost to serve our customers with the most sustainable and efficient chlorides/minerals/salt on the market. With our goal to be a net positive mineral distributor/supplier, you and your customers can be confident that your future needs will be met by GC Rieber Salt.

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Fishery and Aquaculture

The cold Nordic waters are globally known for their premium natural and sustainable seafood. For 120 years, GC Rieber Salt has been importing the cleanest and most natural fishery salt for curing and preserving this wonderful seafood. We are proud to offer quality salt to our Nordic and international clients. With GC Rieber Salt’s unique logistics network of terminals and hubs, we will always be close to you and your customers. For the best taste, yield, colour and natural originated salt.

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Industrial Applications and Water-treatment

We deliver a broad range of minerals to many critical industries in the Nordics. We are here to help you discuss your mineral needs in order to meet the future in a more sustainable way.

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Food industry

We deliver the cleanest and most sustainable salt in the Nordics. By choosing GC Rieber Salt, you will have chosen a manufacturer and distributor whose key focus is on creating a joint future. We can offer every kind of salt for delivery to you and your customers, via our superior logistics network, quality and service.

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Agricultural and Feed Industry

We deliver a broad range of minerals to the compound and mineral feed industry. We look forward to discussing your needs.

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In order to meet the global demand for sustainable minerals, GC Rieber Salt is at the forefront of supplying commercialising products from different industries for you and your customers. Through innovation and deep knowledge of the chlorides industry, we are launching our circular salt on the market.

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