Bulk boat unloading salt at Sjursjøya, Oslo


GC Rieber Salt AS offers logistics solutions from Fredericia, Denmark in the south and along the Norwegian coast to Hammerfest in the north.

On most of our terminals we can offer unloading, storage, handling and further transport to other parts of Norway. The most cost-effective path for us and our customers, is that most of the goods we handle are transported by sea. GC Rieber Salt ships between 600.000 and 700.000 tonnes of goods annually, on approximately 250 shipments.

Through our international partners, we have cost effective logistics lines from most of Europe via Mariager in Denmark, and to a terminal in Norway.

Once the item has arrived at one of our terminals in Norway, we can offer indoor and outdoor storage, as well as onward transport to the final customer. We have resources on each terminal that handles palletizing goods, and stripping and stuffing of containers. We also provide order management and control of your goods.